How many times do you write your to-do list? Me, constantly. Have you ever figured out just much time you’re actually spending re-writing these lists? Me either, but I bet it’s a lot! Either way, this is designed to be a ‘no fuss — no muss’ concept. On each weekly spread edge, are perforated to-do lists. Tear them out, stick them onto the fridge, clip to the next week, or throw away when it’s done. Either way, it’s out of your planner and done.


Most of my planners always have a pocket in the front. I like to clip the front of my planner to the current month, so that never works for me. You always need a back pocket just to carry that crap you don’t need, so there it is, in the back.


One pet peeve of mine is my marker bleeding through to the next page. It always pisses me off when I go to start a fresh new week, and BOOM, there’s the residue from last week. Not going to work with The Boss Planner™. This shit is thick enough to not bleed through, so go ahead and write that crap all over the place.


I am done with carrying around heavier planners that weight more than my kids. But I still like it to be big enough that I can see what I’m writing and not writing on 3 lines to say ‘to-do.’ So I came up with the brilliant plan to have a 6 month planner. If you’re anything like me, I get bored anyway. By that time, I’m ready for another planner. Onto the next 6 month planner.


I worked with a graphic designer who did her own watercolor so that each month was a different design. It’s like a fresh touch to a new month. And who doesn’t like that?


Listen, I’m a good person, but I swear a little. If you’re offended by this, it’s not for you.


Who doesn't love stickers? How about when the come with the planner? BOOM. Each month has coordinating stickers.