Well, Hello Friend.

WHAT UP, HOME SLICE. I see that you’re ready to kick your own ass. That’s a great thing. I wanted to give an update as to what the hell is going on with the planner. So, here you go:

ONE // When will the Kickstarter Campaign start?
The campaign has already been sent into Kickstarter for approval. It should take 2-3 days to hear back. Watch Facebook and your email for updates! Once the campaign is live, push this shit!

TWO // Am I going to be badass once I get this?
Absolutely. You will be encouraged throughout the day to swear a little bit more than usual. If you have children, start a swear jar. They’ll be excited to make some money.

THREE // How does the Kickstarter Campaign work?
You are basically pre-buying your planner to fund the project to be put into production. You become a ‘backer’ of the project and get a reward, the planner.

FOUR // How long do I have to wait to get my planner?
Kickstarter campaigns run for 30 days. Once this campaign is 1/2 funded, I will give the go sign to the publisher to start printing. From there, the planners should be in my hand in 14 days. Then I start to ship to all of the backers, which is you! So keep an eye out for the campaign to be able to get yours and get this shit in your hand. BOOM!

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