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free shit | may calendar printable

So, back when I blogged for Trend Addictions, I used to do a ton of free printables. I wanted to get back into it, but since launching this planner and my home styling business — it’s been pretty nuts. I’m finally calming down and starting to get back into the swing of things. Here we go — you can print these out, send them to someone or just play around with them. I want to start blogging more, and of course, exercising. It’s always on the to-do list. Since I’m still on day 1 of couch to 5K (from 4 years ago), I’m going to push myself to start running.

Yes, I said running.

No, it’s not a joke.

Let’s all push ourselves outside of your comfort zone. What will you push yourself to do?

*If you use them on your blog or website, we ask that you please reference it back here — all the cool people are doing it.* Click here to download.

may calendar printable

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