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free shit | welcome to crazy town

For those of you who know my children, you will understand what I am saying here. My girls couldn’t be anymore different. Maddie (the older one) is very cautious, a bookworm, and has the biggest heart on the planet. Not that Hazel (the younger one) doesn’t. She has a heart for sure, but sometimes it just needs to keep up with her. This girl is all over the place. She’s the type that will run into a wall just to see what happens. She’s a nut ball, a goof, and our little entertainer. I’m sure every family has one, and she’s ours.

Here’s to all the crazy town kids. Print this out, put it in a frame in their bedroom, and remind yourself everyday that you’re lucky to have them 🙂

*If you use them on your blog or website, we ask that you [please] reference it back to us.*

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