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“ 2 capital letters, 4 lowercase letters, 3 numbers, 1 special character, not any of your last 17 passwords, can’t include your great-great grandmother’s aunt’s maiden name”….okay, maybe we got carried away, but does this sound familiar?! Everyone gives you a different set of requirements for your password, & the more time goes by, the more insane these requirements seem. We don’t know about you, but with the majority of business done online, we have logins, passwords, & usernames galore, here at the store! So what if we gave you an easier way to keep track of this ever-growing number of passwords? Here it is – a sheet to keep you organized, & hopefully, sane! Keep it in your desk drawer, on your refrigerator, or stick it in your briefcase, just don’t lose it!

To print, click here!

*If you use them on your blog or website, we ask that you [please] reference it back to us.*


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